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My name is Ishman Preet Kaur Sandhu

A dedicated advocate for autism awareness. Inspired by my nephew’s journey, I’m devoted to making a difference.

Let's Make Change Together.

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Help Is my Main Goal

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I assisted AttachAvi Autism Foundation by providing tailored support for children with autism, driven by personal connection and a passion for growth.

About Ishman

Profound commitment advocating for autism awareness and education

I actively collaborated with AttachAvi Autism Foundation, offering specialized autism support. Motivated by personal ties, I nurture aspirations for a career in pediatric neurology, driven by transformative experiences.

MY Journey with

Attach Avi Autism Foundation

My journey with AttachAvi Autism Foundation has been deeply rewarding. From the moment I joined hands with Anita Sharma, the center’s visionary founder, I felt a sense of purpose that stemmed from my own family experiences. Working closely with children on the autism spectrum, I’ve witnessed their incredible potential and the transformative impact of personalized care. Each day reaffirms my commitment to this cause, propelling me towards a future in pediatric neurology where I can continue advocating and making a difference.


Partnered with Attach Avi


Nephew's autism journey


Specialized care for children


Transformative changes witnessed

Why I Chose This

My Nephew's Inspiration: A Journey Unveiled

My journey took a transformative turn when my nephew, navigating life on the autism spectrum, illuminated my path. Witnessing his unique challenges and incredible growth stirred a deep sense of empathy within me. His journey ignited a fervent desire to learn, to understand, and ultimately, to contribute positively. It was this very fire that led me to AttachAvi Autism Foundation, where I found a platform to channel my empathy into action. Inspired by his resilience, I am committed to offering unwavering support and advocating for those on similar journeys of their own.



My nephew's autism journey nurtured a profound empathy, propelling my devotion to AttachAvi Autism Foundation's meaningful advocacy.



Drawing strength from my nephew's autism journey, I've championed AttachAvi Autism Foundation's cause, advocating for brighter, inclusive futures.

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

~ Kahlil Gibran

How I Transited

From California to New Jersey to make the Impact

Relocating from California to New Jersey marked a significant transition, invigorating my advocacy efforts. This move fortified my dedication to AttachAvi Autism Foundation and deepened my impact in the community.

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Zoom Sessions

Through virtual Zoom sessions, I engaged with kids remotely, enriching my understanding and readiness for AttachAvi Autism Foundation.

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Class Room Session

In classroom sessions, I directly contributed to the growth of children, fostering their potential at AttachAvi Autism Foundation.

Autism Advocacy & Awareness

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Ishman Kaur's dedication during her autism internship showcased immense promise, her commitment and compassion embodying the essence of positive change.

Anita Sharma

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